Traffic changes in Weston

Etobicoke York Community Council today approved a lower speed limit on Vimy Ave and eliminated stopping on Uphill Ave.

Vimy Ave was the only street in Weston to have a 50 km/h limit, though very few cars actually reached that speed, according to a city survey. The speed limit will now be dropped to 40, harmonized with the rest of the roads in town.

Uphill Ave had been used for hospital parking, even though no parking was allowed. Residents complained that cars with disabled permits were being parked, legally, but for long periods of time. The “No Parking” signs, which, apparently, do not apply to cars with disabled permits, will be changed to “No Standing” signs, which should put an end to the practice–or move it one street over.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.