Trail extension proceeding.

The extension should be completed by the end of this year.
Graders and diggers lay out the trail extension which will be paved by the end of the year.

Construction on the 600 metre extension to the Humber River cycle / walking trail is well under way. While this new (breathtakingly beautiful) section will begin at the north end of Cruickshank Park it will end at Mallaby Park, tantalizingly disconnected from the rest of the trail which resumes at Fairglen Crescent. Apparently negotiations are proceeding which will sort out rights of way and allow the two sections to link up. This will save cyclists some nasty traffic encounters north of St Phillips and allow for an almost traffic-free trip to the lake from the North of Toronto.

3 thoughts on “Trail extension proceeding.”

  1. This is great news. I can’t wait until the trail links up. If you ask me, this will be an nice contribution to the community—seriously. Bicycling is exploding in popularity, Weston has cycling pedigree, and it is a natural break point before the northern sections.

  2. TRCA has this section, and another north of Finch, undserway as part of the 2015 Pan Am Trail. Hopefully we will be able to cycle to Caledon from Lake Ontario!

  3. This is very exciting. I’m so looking forward to the completion. Although, it was nice to trek along that bit of path through the woods pre-pavement. Felt a little more connected to nature…but hard on cyclists, I agree.

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