Tree canopy figures

Your humble correspondent has had only two good ideas in his whole life. The second, and best, is to invest in properties that have a high product of tree canopy to cheque-cashing stores per square kilometer. Nice neighbourhoods have lots of trees; cheap neighbourhoods have lots of cash stores.

And, tendentiously, your humble correspondent’s favourite neighbourhood is a rocketing winner. Frances Nunziata’s office released the numbers for Ward 11. Weston Village has 35% tree canopy, far higher than the average of 23% for Ward 11, and higher than the Toronto average of 26%. (Spare a moment’s pity for the poor Junctionites, who have a lamentable 6.7% of shade.)

Weston’s tree canopy is scientifically ideal, too. A city report says that “Urban foresters¹ recommend tree cover for urban areas of between 30% and 40%, to maximize the social, economic and ecological benefits derived from trees.”

The rest of Ward 11 has tree canopy thus:

  • Lambton Baby Point: 33%
  • Rockcliffe-Smythe: 30%
  • Mount Dennis: 26%
  • Pelmo-Humberlea: 18%
  • Brookhaven Amesbury: 18%




¹ I hate my life.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Caring and maintaining that tree canopy takes time work and lots of replacement trees. Let’s keep adding trees and try to get some more vegetation along the bleak stretches of Weston Road. We’ve got an edge!

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