Tributes to Jack Layton from local politicians

Our local politicians have started to eulogize the late, great Jack Layton.

Frances Nunziata, who worked with Layton on City Council, said,

It’s very sad, and my prayers go out to the family I really thought he was going to beat this. He was very strong, a very strong man…. He was a good politician, one of the best.

Laura Albanese posted on Facebook:

My thoughts and condolences are with Jack Layton’s family today. Very sad news.

Mike Sullivan, our MP, spoke to the Sun News network. He stayed on message and generally stuck to politics. Sullivan said, “He was always supportive… He was a great motivator. We’re really going to miss him. He was part of the glue that held the party together.”

He went on to say, “Jack was always determined…. That sense of determination is what we all feel. We are now determined to create a better Canada”. “Nationally”, he said, “we have to go on with our attempts to keep the Harper government in check.”



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Tributes to Jack Layton from local politicians”

  1. It’s sad that Jack died just few months after the election. He would have been a great opposition leader against Harper. While I didn’t agree with some of his political ideas, I do admire that Jack was great politician, great speaker, had very good leadership qualities. I notice that Jack went to York U with Pol Sci degree. Same as me. That’s where you get these skills to become a good leader. Jack was.

    Some in media say that Harper will have a “free reign” to govern now that all opposition parties are leaderless. It’s probably true too. Jack’s strong voice will be miss. I don’t know how the NDP can filled this void it’s going to be tough. I wonder if Mike Sullivan has any leadership aspirations.

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