TTC route changes

The lousiest bus in Toronto will soon be renamed (and maybe improved) according to Frances Nunziata’s email circular.

The “195 Jane ‘Rocket'” will replace the 35E, which runs to York University. It’s a bus I take frequently, and it sucks, even by the standards of the TTC. Schedules mean nothing to it—last week, the bus showed up 40 minutes late.

The 195 Rocket will start running on March 30, and will have fewer stops than the 35E it replaces. It will run between Jane Station and York University, and will run during only during the day time with 10 minute service.

We will see.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “TTC route changes”

  1. If you happen to catch the Jane express on Church St. I find it actually faster way to subway than Maple Leaf or Lawrence bus which always has traffic jams on Lawrence. But you’re right most of the time Jane bus is unreliable and very crowded. I don’t know if this new bus service will improve the situation, it’s hard to have any faith into anything the TTC does these days.

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