TTC Tokens and Tickets to be eliminated – Public Meeting set.

TTC and Presto are holding a public meeting to advise of the upcoming changes to the TTC fares as a result of the elimination of tokens and tickets and fare collectors at subway stations.


December 11, 6:00-7:30pm

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, Room 203

Here’s what we know (or think we know) so far.

By the end of 2018, TTC Metropasses will no longer be available.  You will need to purchase a Presto Card, and load it with a Metropass.  TTC and Presto are still working out details of whether or how to offer the VIP program (bulk purchase by employers) but for now it has ended.

Sometime in 2019, Presto and the city plan to eliminate the token and tickets.  Currently tokens are 3 for $9 and Student/Senior tickets are $10.25 for a book of 5 tickets.  When these are eliminated the only single fare ticket will cost $3.25 per ticket.  Fare collectors will be eliminated at subway stations.  Patrons will have to deposit $3.25 in a vending machine for a full-fare ticket, regardless of whether they are senior or student.  It is unclear whether a patron will be able to deposit $2.10 (the cash student and senior fare) in a farebox on a bus or streetcar.  As of this writing it appears the day pass, the family pass, and the convention pass will be eliminated.  In addition, full-fare tickets purchased at vending machines will have an expiry date (60 days?), after which they will be a useless piece of paper with a chip inside.

Presto card holders will continue to get the discounted fares.  $3.00 for adults, $2.05 for seniors and students.  But you must pay $6 (non refundable) for the presto card and then keep it loaded, with a minimum load of $10.

Metrolinx does have plans for distribution of tickets to social service agencies, schools etc.  It is unclear whether these will be full-fare $3.25 tickets, or reduced fare.  It is also unclear how the expiry date will be dealt with.

Fare Media Sellers

Currently TTC has some 1200 places where you can buy tickets, tokens, metropasses and day passes.

In Weston and Mount Dennis and vicinity there are 37 places to buy transit fares.

Jumbo Save 1917 Weston Rd. M9N1W7
Shoppers Drug Mart 1995 Weston Rd. M9N1X2
Min-A-Mart 2087 Weston Rd. M9N1X7
Sinclair Variety. 2155 Weston Rd. M9N1X8
Park’s Supermarket 2189 Weston Rd. M9N1X9
Shoppers Drug Mart #869 1533 Jane St. M9N2R2
T & A Lucky Bargain Way 1691 Jane St. M9N2S3
George’s Food Store 1834 Jane St. M9N2T4
Bargain Club. 3685 Keele St. M9N3J8
Carmenza Gift & Video 1883 Jane St. M9N3S7
Golden Star Variety. 1655 St. Clair Ave. W. M6N1H7
Silverthorn Variety. 1734 St. Clair Ave. W. M6N1J3
Peter Pan K Convenience 1832 St. Clair Ave. W. M6N1J8
Metro #719 2155 St. Clair Ave. W. M6N1K5
Rocky Convenience 2466 St. Clair Ave. W. M6N1L3
Grand Hoo International Corp 128 Pritchard Ave. M6N1T3
Saba Foods 251 Woolner Ave. M6N1Y8
Shoppers Drug Mart #867 620 Keele St. M6N3E2
Kenneth Variety 855 Jane St. M6N4C4
Janedale Pharmacy. 903 Jane St. M6N4C6
Mac’s #66099 1349 Lawrence Ave. W. M6L1A4
Metro #750 1411 Lawrence Ave. W. M6L1A4
Lawrence Park Convenience 1577 Lawrence Ave. W. M6L1C3
C- Mart 2402 Eglinton Ave. W. M6M1S6
Grace Lottery Centre 2330 Eglinton Ave. W. M6M1S6
Variety & Video 2609 Eglinton Ave. W. M6M1T3
York Variety. 2669 Eglinton Ave. W. M6M1T8
Zac’s Convenience 1977 Keele St. M6M3Y2
Top’s Variety 2264 Keele St. M6M3Y9
Market-Tino 2394 Keele St. M6M4A5
Main Drug Mart. 510 Trethewey Dr. M6M4C2
A & M Lifestyle Variety 1233 Weston Rd. M6M4P7
October Jack’s Convenience 1339 Weston Rd. M6M4R6
T & K Variety 1385 Weston Rd. M6M4S1
7-Eleven Food Stores (24414). 1390 Weston Rd M6M4S2
Rogers Supermarket. 419 Rogers Rd. M6M4Z8
Family Food Mart 2468 Eglinton Ave. W. M6M5E2

Metrolinx and Presto have signed an exclusive deal with Shoppers Drug Mart (Loblaw Inc) to be the only reseller of TTC media.  Not all Shoppers will have presto reloading machines.

As of this writing they have not yet advised the other outlets that they will be losing the franchise.

After the token is eliminated, you will have to travel to one of

Shoppers Drug Mart 1995 Weston Rd. M9N1X2 8am-midnight
Shoppers Drug Mart #869 1533 Jane St. M9N2R2 9am-9pm
Shoppers Drug Mart #867 620 Keele St. M6N3E2 9am-10pm

It is unclear whether these outlets will be able to sell a single TTC fare, as they currently only have presto card reload machines.
Although GO Weston station has a counter open weekdays and fare vending machines, they are not set up to sell TTC fares.  You can reload presto cards there.

If you have questions, come to the public meeting.


December 11, 6:00-7:30pm

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, Room 203

Author: Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan has lived in Weston since 1992, with his wife Andrée and at various times their seven children. He has helped with or led community causes – protecting our street names from amalgamation, burying trains, getting a stop, getting bridges and noise walls, promises of electrified trains and lowered fares. He was a Union Representative working for NABET and CEP (now Unifor) dealing with broadcasters and newspapers. He ran for Member of Parliament three times; elected in 2011. While MP he helped deal with street crime by leading the charge to force phone companies to refuse to activate stolen phones. He was critic for persons living with disabilities, helping get disabilities listed as one of the ‘hate crime’ prohibitions. He presently serves as a member of the Board of Weston King Neighbourhood Centre, and of the advocacy group TTC Riders.

6 thoughts on “TTC Tokens and Tickets to be eliminated – Public Meeting set.”

  1. Can’t you also top it up online?
    I realize this option isn’t universally accessible, but it’s still worth mentioning.

  2. As far as I know, presto cards do not have to “be kept loaded with $10.” (I have a presto card that has had only $8 on it for nearly a year.) When purchased, they force you to load a minimum of $10 on the card but the card can be used even to the point where it drops below a positive balance. This money can also be used on other systems, like the UP, Viva or go transit, not just TTC.

    Presto cards, while a tad more confusing for those unfamiliar, are more secure. If you lose your card you don’t lose the money you have loaded as long as the card is registered to an account.

    There is also, if I am remembering correctly, a presto reload machine at the UP station in Weston, not just the counter. The machines only take debit or credit, but this is another option.

  3. The Presto system is a complete joke. They do charge you when you go into a
    negative balance. My usual trip is Weston to Union. Last week I took the train to Bloor. I was told because it was not my registered trip that I would have to tap off at Bloor, which I did, even though the charge for the trip is the same.
    I was charged $35 for a complete trip to Kitchener on the Go! I swear I tapped on and off on the flat slim green Weston-Bloor units. In addition, I was charged for going over my balance.
    I spend more time on the phone and at the kiosk at Weston going over my charges and having credits applied to my card.

    Like I said, it’s a complete joke!

  4. Why are we being charged for going over our amount or not having $10 balance?
    Also it take 24 hours for Presto to go through when we deposit our funds, why?
    Hope they can also take Etransfer or PayPal payment.
    In ways I do like Presto payment also saving $1 on transit with Presto card.
    I feel people with Odsp And Ontario Works or those in middle to low income brackets should get a fair break of paying $50 a month Fare Pass Plan.

    1. Hello Karima,

      You are not charged for not having a $10 balance. You do get charged 25¢ if your presto drops into negative amounts (think of it like you don’t have a ticket to get on the bus). It does still allow you to get on as long as your presto card is registered to an online account. Also, it takes up to 24 hours when an online load is done, but when it is processed at the machine or at a teller, the funds should be there automatically.

      Hope this helps

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