The TTC’s union is not taking the proposed UP Express lying down sitting down standing up. In their new report on improving transit in Toronto, the Amalgamated Transit Union proposes making the 192 Airport Rocket, which runs from the Kipling subway, a premium service at a budget price.

The union proposes adding free wifi, improved branding, and—duh—a change machine at the airport, where people often do not yet have Canadian coins.

The report has a number of other high-tech recommendations that would improve transit in Weston and around the city: computerized bus scheduling, liberating data so that app builders can actually place buses on a map, text alerts, and so on. For a report with such high-tech vision, though, the union was startlingly stupid. They published it only in an unreadable, un-highlightable, low-vision-unfriendly, animated ebook format.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.