TV show filming in Weston

Filming wrapped today for the TV show Nikita. The show was shooting at 14 William St, and the crew was enormous. Trucks spread up and down Rosemount, William and Elm.

Nikita is based on the older Canadian TV show of the same name, which is based on the American movie Point of No Return, which is based on the French movie from 1990, Nikita, which was actually quite good. If it’s at all true to the original, it’s about a troubled young woman who is recruited to the secret service to do high kicks in short dresses. In a word: awesome.

Becky Winder, the owner of the house, was sympathetic about the impact the show was having on her neighbours. She said, “It does benefit Weston but is a large pain.” Weston is a popular location, too, she said; “filming in Weston has been going on since I first bought my present home, 26 years ago.”


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. If I am correct this house was also the “Edison Twins” house and many times SCTV filmed there as well. When I walked to school (CR) I would often see them filming there.

  2. I usually walk on these streets to get to the bus stop on Lawrence. I was kinda annoyed by the cop-for-hire who told me to walk else where cause they are filming. I wonder how much cash the owner of the house is getting by using her house for film set.

  3. This is indeed the house from The Edison Twins. As far as I’m aware it was the first thing to be filmed at that site in Weston. However, it’s not the time that filming was done in Weston. One would have to go all the way back to 1923 to mark that occasion.

    The first feature length motion picture to be filmed in and around Toronto was shot in Dr. Charlton’s old residence at the corner of Rosemount and John Street. The house bears the name Maplehurst on the John Street side of the house, and the movie that was filmed there was called SATAN’S PARADISE. The movie was produced by the Filmcraft Company of Toronto. The plotline of the movie involved con-artists trying to trick someone out of their money using a seance. Ironically one of the early episodes of The Edison Twins used a very similar plot. Sadly the 1923 silent movie appears to have been destroyed in a fire. It was shown in the Shea’s Theatre in Toronto, but I’m not sure where else it may have been seen.
    While SATAN’S PARADISE may be lost (and would have been a wonderful chance to see Weston in the 1920’s) The Edison Twins does still exist, and deserves to be aired again. The last station to air it was SHOWCASE when it originally came on air.

  4. My parents rented the top floor for a couple of years. I was 4-5 years old,57 years ago but I still remember the garage and the owner and her 2 dashunds.

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