Twenty-Nine Storeys and 240 Metres.

At the Jan 8 Community Council meeting, councilors accepted the report of the city planning department regarding the proposed 29 storey twin-tower development at Weston and Little Ave.(the Greenland Farms site). The report essentially said the plans were too much for the current zoning and official plan, but planning will work with the developer on amending the plans. Councillor Nunziata amended the motion to add that another community meeting should be held prior to any new reports about this development being given to the Community Council, with notices to land owners and residents within 240 metres of the development, at the expense of the developer.
Two Hundred and Forty Metres is not very far. It gets south to Lawrence, east to the train tracks, west to the park, and north to King St. No notices to old Weston, nor to the apartment dwellers at the twin towers, nor 5 Bellevue, nor 29 South Station. The councilor did reserve the right to expand the notice boundary.

Author: Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan has lived in Weston since 1992, with his wife Andrée and at various times their seven children. He has helped with or led community causes – protecting our street names from amalgamation, burying trains, getting a stop, getting bridges and noise walls, promises of electrified trains and lowered fares. He was a Union Representative working for NABET and CEP (now Unifor) dealing with broadcasters and newspapers. He ran for Member of Parliament three times; elected in 2011. While MP he helped deal with street crime by leading the charge to force phone companies to refuse to activate stolen phones. He was critic for persons living with disabilities, helping get disabilities listed as one of the ‘hate crime’ prohibitions. He presently serves as a member of the Board of Weston King Neighbourhood Centre, and of the advocacy group TTC Riders.

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  1. In other words..

    Web sites like this that often provide a very decent “Heads up!” with reasonable attempts at awareness building are invaluable to our community & area, generally speaking.

    So, if you’re looking for something to be truly grateful for (apart from the many choices of where to purchase your next cup o’ daily coffee), look no further than sites like this, compliments of Adam & Roy.

    On top of that (& for what’s it worth), thankfully we can cross reference the postings here with other information gathers on the web – as we try & sift through all the “bs” at hand in this “Barnum & Bailey” world.

    Just imagine..

    if we had to wait until word came through a politician’s mailings or a government agency’s signage board (or two) to make us aware of what’s going on in the ‘hood – and that’s as long as your near enough to the subject.
    (Or not completed glazed over from constant & hollow rhetoric.)

    So, as always, thanks guys for taking the time to tell us some decent stories worth paying attention to ‘round these parts.

    As for which coffee shop to get your daily coffee, why not go and pickup a large (875g) can of your favourite roast – quite often on sale at No Frills – and then, brew your own coffee!

    I realize that it won’t help support the local proprietors too much, but the savings will help you with YOUR monthly bill payments!

    Or maybe, even a vacation down the road.

    1. Thanks for the kind words but credit belongs to Mike Sullivan for this one.
      BTW, anyone who would like to receive meeting notices about the development, contact planner Rory McNeil by email: [email protected]
      or by Phone: (416) 394-5683. Notices are paid for by the developer.

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