Two homes demolished

At least three homes have been demolished in Weston to make way for the Air Rail Link and GO Train expansion. The homes, which were on King and Church Streets, were purchased after a controversial and callous letter was sent to the owners late last year.

Metrolinx has made the best of a bad situation, touting that the demolition of the homes has raised $8400 for Habitat For Humanity through the donation of building materials to the ReStore program.

Several trees were also cut down as part of the demolition, and a piling rig has been moved into position. Both sites now appear to house construction materials and equipment.

~47 Church before demolition
~47 Church after demolition
44-46 King before demolition
44-46 King after demolition

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. $8400 donation in materials to Habitat for Humanity’s Restore? That means a tax credit for Metrolinx and Habitat will recycle the materials and get that money, as long as someone buys the donated stock.

    What a sweet deal for those who always get a sweet deal — and for us, trees lost, noise and traffic congestion along streets with houses and children walking to school, and then diesel fumes forever until it’s possible for Metrolinx (with all the technology in Europe & Asia already doing this) to electrify our trains.

  2. Walked to the Library yesterday, did a double take at the empty lot that was 44-46 King. Not that I’m upset at the lost of an ugly 1960’s building, I just don’t see the point. Is the tunnel going to be through that property? Or is just going to be used to store equipment? Really sad to see all the trees cut down.

  3. You can add at least one more home to the list, and this one is/was older. It was located on Windall on the south side of the street. It also looked as if they are getting ready to knock down the old house just north of the railway overpass over Weston Road. All of this really just underscores McGuintylinx (I mean Metrolinx) propensity for lying and misleading. I know some of the people who lived in some of the houses that have been levelled and they were not told that the homes were going to be levelled. In fact it calls into question just what Metrolinx had up their slimy sleeves if any of these people chose not to sell to them. One suspects that these people would have been given no choice but to move.
    As it is just how expansive is this project to be. My brother’s home is a block away from the CPR tracks on William Street, and he has received a notice that the missing linx at Metrolinx want to come and do an inspection of his house. I’ve heard other residents who are also a distance from the tracks who have also received notices. Whoever said we live in a democratic country.
    The dellusion of democracy is the illusion of choice. Royal Dalton and his modern equivalent of ‘the family compact’ are all about illusion. Illusions of transparency; illusions of honesty; and illusions that this project about helping the environment. This rail project is and has been a fraud from the onset. It is not about getting cars off the road. If it was it could have been served better by an expanded GO Transit service linked into the airport, providing access to various destinations, instead of a point-to-point service for the pampered elite. How long will it be before the airport link proves to be another white elephant to be sold off to the private sector at a fraction of its cost? Hands up all of those who won’t be surprised if it should turn out that SNC Lavalin will end up being that private sector company who will end up being given that option.
    In the meantime houses continue to fall in this already neglected community to service the needs of those favoured by the Dalton Gang. And to add insult to injury while all this is going on someone has stolen the heritage plaque from the park just south of the railway overpass on Weston Road, which acknowledged the significance of Weston’s origins as a milling village.
    The plaque was the first one unveiled by the newly formed Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority back in 1957. I repeat THE FIRST plaque unveiled. It has lasted for almost fifty years, and its departure seems almost in keeping with Metrolinx odious presence in this community. How long will it be before the monument itself will disappear or be destroyed by the mechanical behemoths in our midst. Worse still; how long will it be before this community is likewise destroyed.
    As for all of you who actually believe Metrolinx can be trusted, and that our premier has been transparent in his dealing with this and other communities along this rail line, you might like to see the emperor’s new clothes. You probably won’t see through them but they ARE transparent.

  4. back in 2009 when mike sullivan was involved with the WCC, i sent him an email with a bunch of questions and concerns for a open house on the rail link.

    here are a few:
    1) should the blue 22 project proceed to the construction phase, according to drawings i have seen, the CP tracks between oak street and church street will have to be relocated to make room in this narrow section of the rail corridor for the extra tracks required for the blue 22 service. alongside the CP tracks, there are old telegraph poles probably dating back to the construction of the toronto grey & bruce railroad in the late 1860’s or early 1870’s. what will be done to protect these cultural artifacts which in my opinion are an important part of weston’s, if not canada’s railway and communications history?

    2) there is a CN railway bridge over weston road, just north of st philips road which dates back to 1929. the bridge deck appears to be made of precast sections which might be movable. the blue 22 project will require that this bridge be widened to accommodate 3 more tracks. will it be possible to preserve the decorative outer sections of the bridge deck and incorporate their use in the new widened bridge structure? also, will the new concrete work required for the expansion be done with the same decorative and geometric style of the existing structure?

    3) there is a CN bridge over the humber river. the bridge currently has 1 track on an iron deck which is supported by 8 tall pillars. should a new bridge structure have to be built along side the existing bridge, on which side of the existing bridge will the new structure have to be built? i ask this because located on the south side of the existing bridge, there are telegraph poles with mostly intact copper telegraph lines. again, i feel that these artifacts of the past which could date back to as early as the mid 1850’s in this case should be preserved since they are an important part of the local & national history.

    a few weeks ago, i was shocked to discover that all the historic telegraph poles from church st. street to about yelland ave. were removed and most likely disposed of. i enthusiastically supported sullivan for office, talking well of him to many people and defending him online from critics for years going back to 2006. i’ve also convinced quite a few people to vote for him. i really wish he could have done something to help preserve these important historic artifacts. it wouldn’t have been a difficult thing to do in my opinion. they could have been relocated. this is now another part of weston’s physical history that is gone forever. i feel that i’ve been let down. i can’t believe the weston historical society didn’t even think to save them.

    last i looked, the telegraph poles from about yelland ave & northward were still there. i hope at least those will be preserved but i’m not hopeful they will.

    it’s a sad era for weston’s history.

  5. It’s sad that the homes were demoshlished, but I always wonder how people could live right besides the tracks, I could hear the trains from here in Pelmo Park.

  6. @ dan:
    I agree that it is very sad and disturbing that we have once again lost our built heritage and agree wholeheartedly that more should have been done to preserve these pieces of our history. But, did you contact the Historical Society to discuss? And have you broached the subject since 2009 with anyone? It’s really not fair to castigate when you haven’t contacted the people who really are the ones who could have saved these – the current MPP, Laura Albanese and the Councillor, Frances Nunziata. Mr. Sullivan is Federal and while railways are almost always under their jurisdiction, this corridor is actually owned provincially and has been for quite a while.

    Maybe if you had contacted the Weston Historical Society, the Heritage Conservation District, the WCC, the Weston Village Residents’ Association along with the local politicians and the paper in the past year, we might have been able to save them or find another use for them. It’s really hard to keep up with all the areas of concern in Weston right now since there is so much going on with only a handful of people doing all the work. I invite you to join some of the groups mentioned as we always need more voices and warm bodies to do all the work in our community. Things like this will be missed because we just don’t have enough man/woman power to do everything.

  7. Yesterday I saw a sign saying that King St is going to be close at the tracks this Sun. possibly forever now!

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