Two men arrested in Weston murder

Two men have been arrested for the brazen murder of Jarryl Hagley at the Pizza Pizza in Weston after search warrants were used this morning in Toronto. Two more men are wanted, and are expected to turn themselves in.

Winston Poyser, 24, and Shakiyl Shaw, 23, were arrested this morning and charged with first-degree murder. Two other men, Lenneil Shaw, 23, and Mohamed Ali Nur, 18, are wanted on a Canada-wide warrant. Lenneil Shaw is Shakiyl Shaw’s twin brother.

Det. Worden said the police believed there was a “specific motive”, and that the attack was planned and deliberate. He was less clear about gang relations, saying  “it may come out that there was some element of gang activity that related to these two groups, but not necessarily specifically in regards to this incident.”

Jarryl Hagley was killed in a brazen attack around 1:30 on the morning of October 16. Four men charged into the Pizza Pizza and opened fire. Hagley, 17, was killed by a shotgun blast as he fled. The killers then fled the scene and sped away in an SUV, which was parked down the street. The approach, murder, and flight were captured on video. This video surveillance of the Pizza Pizza and the surrounding area was “a big part” of the arrest.

The defence council for the two wanted men has “reached out in good faith” to police. The alleged killers are making arrangements to turn themselves in.

Update: Lenneil Shaw and Mohamed Ali Nur have surrendered to police.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.