Two muggings at Pine and Lawrence

Pine and Lawrence is a corner like any other; there are houses on three sides and a donut shop on the other. You’d never guess that it’s shaping up to be one of the worst corners in town.

Last Friday, there were two muggings within 30 minutes, in broad daylight, right after school. According to police reports, at 3:30, an 18 year-old was approached by two young men who demanded his cell phone. When the victim refused, they threatened him and punched him. Other assailants approached and began beating the victim. They all fled, empty-handed, in a unknown direction. The victim had minor injuries.

Only 30 minutes later, a 16 year-old young man was approached by two male suspects at the same corner. One demanded the victim’s phone while the other stood watch. The assailants fled southbound on Pine.

The police reports do not say that the cases are related, but in both police are seeking black males around 17 years old. One is of thin build and one is of medium build. In the second case, the larger man had shoulder-length dreadlocks.

Only two weeks ago, a woman was swarmed by three men at the same intersection. You can view a map of muggings in the Weston area here.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.