Two new entrants in race for councillor

To nobody’s surprise, incumbent Frances Nunziata has  entered the race to Frances Nunziatabe Ward 11’s city councillor. Nunziata has been a politician for more than 30 years, and our councillor since the ward was created. She is also City Hall’s speaker.

Another candidate, whom I have had not had the pleasure of meeting, has also thrown his hat into the ring. Luis Portillo used to work for Seaton House, a homeless shelter, as a client services worker.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Two new entrants in race for councillor”

  1. My name is Luis portillo I used to work for Seaton House, the largest shelter in North America. The City of Toronto spent 6-8 Million in renovating Seaton House in 2000 now the City has decided to demolish it, and now the City has opened a new Shelter a few steps from my home. Frances Nunziata was aware of the money wasted on S.H. and currently “new shelter” at Runnymede. it time to replace Frances Nunziata.

  2. Frances Nunziata has done nothing but enable developers, so we have a 30-floor tower where city planners recommend no high tower blocks, unsafe streets where pedestrian traffic is heavy along Weston Road, and no voice at City Hall where our councillor is Speaker.

    She needs to retire.

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