Two youth hubs for Weston and Mount Dennis

Frances Nunziata announced some very good news: both the Weston and Mount Dennis libraries will be receiving youth hubs.

From the TPL

Youth hubs are

a welcoming place for teens after school and in the summer, where snacks, fun activities and helpful staff are always available. Drop in to connect with friends in a supportive environment and get help with your homework.

The hubs include gaming systems, iPads, computers, and specialized equipment. Tutors are  available to help with homework.

Nunziata also announced that Pelmo Park will be getting a splash pad.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Two youth hubs for Weston and Mount Dennis”

    1. what is fantastic?

      that after 30 years Pelmo gets a splash pad?
      two youth hubs?? wouldn’t it be better to build another community centre? Oh wait we got artscape…..

      1. Just because there are even better possibilities doesn’t make the existing reality any less valuable. These are great new additions to Weston. Such pessimism!

        1. been here for 40 years and its worse then ever…so ya pessimism…..cant wait for all those rental towers to be added to the future slum of weston

          1. Sorry to hear you view Weston in such a negative light. I’m optimistic for some positive developments!

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