Uber teams with UP Express

Uber and UP Express have worked a mutual deal so that Uber will have a designated pick-up spot at Weston Station. Logically, it makes sense for Metrolinx to provide alternatives to parking at the much used station. The plan all along has been for Metrolinx to eventually sell much of the current parking space to developers.

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One thought on “Uber teams with UP Express”

  1. What would make even MORE SENSE is to have a TTC bus stop right at the front doors of the UP Weston station where presently many passengers are either picked up or dropped off. I’m a frequent UP user who takes the Weston 89 bus to the station and have to walk through the parking lot. DEFINITELY a TTC bus stop makes more sense!

    Why should UBER have their own taxi stand? Why the special privilege for just UBER and not other taxi companies? Is Metrolinx making money on this UBER/Metrolinx deal? And why should we sell the parking lot to private developers? It’s bad enough that we sold the 407 to Spain. When will we finally put an end to this insanity?

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