Ugly lumps and humps

Dan Harris wrote in with an excellent point: the proposed traffic calming islands on Church Street are egregiously and unnecessarily ugly. They’re also all on one side of the street.

These are the proposed islands:

Photo courtesy Dan Harris

They’re ugly new and hideous after a year: cracking orange posts and planters full of weeds and butts.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. And here’s what they got on Riverside Avenue in the Kingsway:

Image courtesy Dan Harris

Pretty swish! As Harris points out, their

design is much more appealing. The islands are rounded and integrated into the boulevard. The posts are a black, heritage-based design. There are no cement planters boxes to be maintained. There are no black and orange metal caution signs. Paving stones break up the asphalt

Harris also points out that the islands are alternated in the Kingsway. On Church Street, they are all on the south side, and traffic will be forced toward the only sidewalk, on the north side, perhaps making the street less safe.

Frances Nunziata’s office responded to Harris saying that staff from Traffic Operations have been asked to review the plans.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Ugly lumps and humps”

  1. Wanna know what’s perhaps more appealing in the general area?

    Greenbrook Drive, in the old City of York area (not far from 12 Division).
    And, it’s been recently upgraded. (It’s a road that runs one way, between Keele and Tretheway.)

    And, it’s near the Councillor’s office, at Ingram & Keele.

    It was an okay traffic calming design for many years, with it’s mix & match of product – an asphalt road way & paving stone tiles on the bumps. But now, it seems to be fair better & cleaner looking.

    It’s quite simply done, with oval “traffic islands” generously spaced along Greenbrook. And, each island is built at the height of a basic curb or sidewalk, set right beside subtle calming bumps.

    Plus, looks like most them have a young tree centring each island with clusters of annual flowers planted, too.

    Might be a reasonable & functional design for Church St.

    Check it out.
    It’s not far from Weston.

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