Unless we’re wrong!

Lekan Olawoye issued a press release saying that he was not included on a recent poll of York South–Weston residents. The poll, by Forum Research, showed Chiara Padovani pulling even with Di Giorgio, and Nunziata’s lead slipping.

The published results include long-shot candidates Fred Fosu (4%) and Deeqa Barre (3%), but make no mention of Lekan Olawoye, who almost certainly polls much higher. It certainly seems like he was not included in the survey.

In related news, Frances Nunziata says that she responded to CycleToronto’s survey, but that her results were not included in the published results. CycleToronto said she did not respond.

In Nunziata’s defense, she has been an advocate for cycling of late, and created a pedestrian and cycling committee for the ward.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Unless we’re wrong!”

  1. I’d love to hear back from the Lekan camp on this.

    For the last couple of decades, I’ve been finding myself more suspicious towards polling – is it reading the lay of the land, or is it trying to dictate the lay of the land?
    Why and how can we place our trust with the data provided by such organizations when they don’t even seem competent enough to list all viable options?
    Considering the traditional reach that this type of data has had on the voting populace, the Lekan camp has every right to be livid.
    To put in all the effort and energy behind a campaign, only to be ignored as such – completely ridiculous and inexcusable.
    Forum Research should be held accountable for this kind of garbage.
    Ultimately, I’m just curious as to how they are attempting to justify such massive ineptitude.

    Small wonder why present day society is struggling with determining what is fake and real.

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