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The Star has a comparison of the UPX and airport express trains around the world. The UP Express, which will open this spring, will cost about $30 each way.

In short, the Star finds that the UPX compares favourably with the trains that Metrolinx would like it compared to (in Tokyo, Oslo, and London), but unfavourably to other trains in Vancouver, Chicago, New York, and Madrid.

The comments are (for a change) worth reading. My favourite:

What these comparisons show is that UP Express is the worst of both worlds. It’s not especially fast, thanks to the two intermediate stops and the fact that diesel trains accelerate much more slowly than electrics. But the fares are being set at a premium level, as if it were a genuine express like the trains at Heathrow or Arlanda.

Author: Adam Norman

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  1. Has the Toronto Star also compared the average wage in Tokyo, Olso and London, and the value of their respective currencies when making their comparison (I suspect that the cost of living in those cities is likely higher than the cost of living in the GTA and the less said about the state of our dollar at present, the better). Without that information, the Star’s comparison is of little value (which is appropriate given that the ARL is of little value, based upon Metrolinx current intent for it, against its potential if it were aimed at the public at large.

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