UP Express fare structure announced.

The long awaited and speculated  pricing structure for the Union Pearson Express has been released to the public and as predicted, the price for a ride from Union Station to Terminal 1 is close to the $30 mark. Those of us travelling from Weston will be able to get there for $16.50 and even cheaper when using a Presto card.

From Metrolinx site.
From Metrolinx site.

The complete pricing grid look like this:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.58.16 PM

Travelling in the other direction, an adult fare from Weston to downtown and back (2 stops) with Presto would be $30.40 or $44 without. This is cheaper than a taxi and way more comfortable than TTC but at quite a premium.

Airport employees will be able to access a one-way fare of $10 or buy a monthly pass for $300. Read more fine print here.

This of course is all subject to the big rubber stamp to be administered at tomorrow’s Metrolinx Board of Directors’ meeting.

This afternoon, York South-Weston MP Mike Sullivan released the following statement:


OTTAWA – “First, I am disappointed that the Ontario Minister of Transportation pre-empted tomorrow’s Metrolinx board meeting with this announcement. This turns tomorrow’s meeting into a rubber-stamping exercise which is most unfortunate.  It makes it abundantly clear though that the decision is not a Metrolinx decision, but a provincial government one, as has been the case at every step of this project.


With regards to the fare structure, it makes riding the Union Pearson Express beyond the means of many airport travelers. Fares should be comparable to existing GO Transit and TTC fares from downtown to the airport. The UP Express fares are not.  The project has cost nearly $1.5-billion public dollars.  It should be  transportation for the 99 per cent, not just the 1 per cent.


As an example, a family of four in Weston — two adults with two school-aged children — even with a Presto card, would pay more to ride the UP Express than they would by taking an airport limo service. (Note: UP Express $42.20; Airflight Services Limo $32 to $36 http://www.airflightservices.com/doc/toronto_markham_richmond_hill_vaughan.pdf.)


While I hope I’m wrong, I see a service that is being deliberately overpriced to keep ordinary working folk from using this form of public transit. Consultants told us that their costs to run the service with the trains one-fifth full will be $4.93 per passenger. Charging reasonable fares will fill the trains and still cover operating costs.  At the end of the day, taxpayers built the UP Express and should be able to use it affordably to take advantage of the $1.5-billion that has already been spent on this project.”


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  1. Glad to see Mike has had time to fit another statement into his busy, busy schedule. If only he used his time to get ANY federal funding of significance for Weston…but he will settle for claiming any crumbs that trickle into the riding to call his own. Next we will see him out shovelling the walks of Weston again to earn that huge paycheck of his. At $163,700, he should have no problem shelling out as a member of the 1%. What a joke. Can’t wait for him to defend his record of furious letter writing and self-congratulatory photo-ops during the election.

    1. You do realise that Mike is not in government? Being in opposition against a majority Conservative government the tools at the disposal of an opposition party MP are limited. What they can do is make noise about it, by writing letters, connecting with the community and holding local meetings. It’s your good right to interpret his performance as you like, but don’t expect a Liberal MP to shoot rainbows out of his/her arse if they were in Mike’s position. This government is one of austerity and any “crumbs” are hard fought.

      As for the snow shovelling, it seems to be an act that has stuck with people. Good, it should draw attention to the inadequacy of the City of Toronto to carry out its services – which we have paid for – and the complacency of our councillor to address local snow clearing issues. Instead of a video perhaps you would of liked another letter written instead, a form of action you criticise.

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