UP Express Survey

Adapted from nedrunner.nl
Adapted from nedrunner.nl

Next Wednesday March 9, UP Express fares are set to drop dramatically. No doubt Metrolinx will be anxiously watching ridership figures but in the meantime, we have a short (highly unscientific) survey to gauge readers’ interest in the train.

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4 thoughts on “UP Express Survey”

  1. Taking the GO train daily, and due to timing always heading down later because of their schedule. Considering the fare will be the same, it’s a win for me.

    1. A win indeed, especially with a shorter travel time, plus wifi.
      In 2011, just under 200 people boarded the GO Train in Weston every weekday, nearly all headed downtown. I guess most of them will switch to UPX on Wednesday.

  2. With free overnight parking at the station, business travelers save time and money by parking and UPXing from Weston. The parking aspect is worth more than the fare in both time and money.

    1. sure park there overnight….you will regret it once you come back and find your car stolen…..

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