UP Express-to-TTC fares going up

The cost of commuting on the UPX is going up.

About a year ago, Metrolinx gave a break to people transferring between the UP Express and the TTC. If you used a Presto card, they’d knock $1.50 off the combined fare.

No more.

Starting April 20, people transferring between the UP Express and the TTC will pay full fare on both.


Metrolinx says, “this change reflects the different purpose of the UPX service, which is about getting customers to and from the airport as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Travellers who take the GO train will still receive a discounted TTC fare.

Also, it seems the tapping process will change. Riders riding the UPX will have to tap on the UP machines. Those getting on the GO will have to tap on GO machines. At present, riders are supposed to tap based on their destinations, not their trains.

God willing, Metrolinx will change the colour of one of machines—and move the GO off the UPX platforms—because I’ve been taking the damned things for years, I still can’t figure out which one is green and grey and which grey and green. Just today I screwed it up again.

Left: Green and grey–that’s green. Right: grey and green –that’s not green. That’s grey. Both kinds of machines are on the UPX platform, though. And check out the signs: yes, grey and green (green machine) and khaki green (grey machine). I am not colour-blind;  I am not in a rush; I speak English perfectly; and I have lived here for 10 years. I still can’t figure this out reliably. Imagine this: one is… orange. Orange like the UP Express ticket machine. My god. Photo credit: W K Lis.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “UP Express-to-TTC fares going up”

  1. I though we always had to tap on the go if u were using go to union and UP terminal if u were using the up to union. Before I was using any one out of random and was being charged twice.

  2. Using the presto card for UPX is a whole new life experience. I have been using it since day one and still can’t get it straight…..and I consider myself pretty bright! I was told last year Adam, that the discounted fair when transferring from UPX to subway did not apply..from the folks at Union Station, (only from TTC to Subway) but then again,I have been told a lot of incorrect things by those folks! Tap on, tap off, wait three hours, don’t have to tap off. If not 3 hours then override and then tap…Use the green module but then they are all green…and heaven forbid – don’t use the Go module you will be charged $35 for a ride from Bloor Street to Weston. Don’t get me started on that Presto card! sigh! Why does life have to be so complicated?

  3. You didn’t mention that the cost of a GO trip is dropping as well, but the base UP price is staying the same to Union.

    1. I couldn’t find anywhere that said the cost from Weston is dropping–I figured it was because Weston is very close to the 10km mark, which is the threshold of dropping vs rising. Do you have a link?

  4. LOL, thank you so much for sharing as I was beginning to think I was the only one having difficulties with the protocols of Presto and the UPX. It’s taken a few years and I don’t believe I’m making the same mistakes but then again, I’m not watching my ongoing charges, so perhaps it’s time I take a look. I can’t stop laughing (and slightly weeping) over the whole green-grey, grey-green confusion. For years I just kept repeating to myself “shape of the tap on/off machines, not colours” but why on earth make these things more complicated than they need to be!?!?

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