UP Express wins award, raspberries

The UP Express has won the project of the year award at the Global AirRail Awards, given an industry magazine, AirRail News. The UP Express will, they say, be “a key component in the regional transportation plan developed by Metrolinx. The air rail link will provide an estimated 5,000 guests a day with convenient, reliable and rapid service between downtown Toronto and Toronto Pearson International Airport.”

Award-winning architects, however, were a little less fond of the project. Brown and Storey say that the noise walls being built as part of the project will “offer no collateral benefits for the city” according to a press release. The Junction Triangle Rail Committee published some rather shocking pictures of what they project the walls will do to a downtown park.


In other news, the Minister of Transportation maintained that the line would not be electrified in time for the PanAm games. He “said the Ontario Liberals would continue to support electrifying the Union Pearson Express (UP) air rail link… mentioning 2017 as a potential target date for completion”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Wow property values of the houses facing that concrete wall will probably tank big time. If electrification of the tracks happen from the beginning we wouldn’t have deal with these ugly walls. They’re probably going jack up the fares put sales taxes etc..we going pay for this mess for a long time.

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