Upcoming community consultation on John St apartment, storage space, Farmers’ Market, and Cultural Hub

The Etobicoke-York Community Council brought the Weston Hub and 30-storey tower one step closer to construction. The council ordered a community consultation at an as-yet unspecified location and time. At this meeting, residents will be asked for a reaction to the proposed:

  • 30-31 storey, 370-unit rental apartment building
  • 7 townhouses
  • 12,000 square-feet of community open space for the Farmers’ Market
  • 8000 square-foot Creative Cultural Hub and 26 affordable artist units
  • 40,000 square-feet (not a typo) of self-storage space in the ground floor of 33 King Street

The meeting, hosted by Councillor Frances Nunziata will be held on Wednesday, October 7 at Weston Collegiate Institute (100 Pine Street) beginning at 7:00 pm.*

Artscape will also be hosting a meeting to “discuss and develop ideas for the potential role of Weston’s new Community Cultural Hub”. That meeting will be October 15.

*Article amended to insert the date, time and location of the October 7 meeting.

8 thoughts on “Upcoming community consultation on John St apartment, storage space, Farmers’ Market, and Cultural Hub”

  1. When it’s time vote Nunziata out of office and ignore the Resident Group and BIA for supporting this terrible development.

  2. Not only is the 30-storey tower and the squeezing out of the Farmers’ Market and the Artscape supervision bad planning in the extreme, but why propose 40 storage units when there is a brand-new facility on Weston Rd at Stockyards and another closer along Weston Rd?
    What is going on here??

    1. Actually it’s probably going to be closer to 400 storage units and now they’ve boosted it to 31 storeys in the latest application.

  3. Roy – why are the Resident Group, who say they are the voice of the community, supporting this idea? Every single person I talk to is oppose to the idea of adding another rental tower, especially one at 30 stories. Something doesn’t make sense. I have spoken to individuals in the BIA and a few business owners along Weston Rd, and they do not support the idea either. Again something isn’t right.

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