Upcoming events

The Weston Artist’s Good Food Market and Mighty Brave Productions + Haus of Dada will be hosting “Intangible Adorations Caravan” on July 13. It is free and at Weston Common.

A multi-sensory interactive experience with robust accessibility built into each performance, the show presents a threadbare Victorian Caravan as a deceptive cover for a world of mobile Cinema, aerial wizardry and shared ritual.

 As a Mad and disabled artist, creator Lisa Anita Wegner is committed to the idea of public art that is truly accessible, and to eliminating barriers of poverty and disability that too often get in the way of underserved communities experiencing art. Lisa’s work explores the possibilities of Madness and disability as a source of communal activation, and Intangible Adorations Caravan specifically aims to reclaim the performing caravan not as a site of display, but rather as a site of world-dismantling potentiality.

Toronto Nature Stewards are looking for people to help clean up and remove invasive plants from the Topham Pond area, as well as Weston Lions Park. The Topham Pond group meets Thursday mornings, while the Weston group meets at various times.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.