Upcoming events

UrbanArts is having its Beats.Mind.Movement showcase on Tuesday, March 20 at the Junction City Music Hall.

Also on Tuesday, Metrolinx will be updating Mount Dennizens about the Eglinton Crosstown at an Open house at the York Rec Centre, starting at 6:30.

ACORN will be having a march against gentrification on Saturday, March 24, starting at 12.

The Weston Heritage Conservation District and the Weston Village Residents’ Association will be having twin AGMs on Monday, March 26 at the York West Active Living Centre.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming events”

  1. Oh joy, another “parade” minus the treats.
    (Wonder how many of these folks actually live, work & play in Weston?)

    1. Footnote to the above thoughts, and in fairness to folks “fighting the good fight”…

      After taking a bit of time to look into ACORN Toronto (begun in the USA, with a head office address @ 1324 Danforth Ave., Toronto with a local chapter organized in the Weston area) I can see that their intentions are reasonable.

      Case in point – where Weston’s chapter seemed to begin in 2007, at the so called “Twin Towers” apartment buildings, just south of Lawrence on the east side of Weston Rd., when back then there was always something nasty going on there, daily.

      It’s seems pretty quiet these days, or am I just not hearing the noise?

      Anyway, if that quietness is because the good tenants took back their “community” in those buildings via the help of ACORN, then much credit to them.

      Hard work, indeed.

      So, as already stated, in fairness, hopefully they can bring a reasonable voice to the equation with their planned march this weekend.

      Many of us have much invested much living life in Weston – owners and renters, alike.

      Let’s see if they can encourage more accountability of those who would largely invest in our community.

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