Upcoming events

Supercoffee is sponsoring community cleanups in Mount Dennis, starting tomorrow, Saturday, March 31. The cleanups will be:

  • Mar. 31st – Jane & Pinehill ravine edges. Meet 10 am Bartonville at Jane.
  • Apr.7th – Somerville & Sunnybrae ravine. Meet 10 am, West end of Glenvalley Dr.
  • Apr. 14th – Eglinton & Jane. Meet 10 a.m. at SE Flats Park, parking lot entrance.Apr. 21st – Lambton & Astoria ravine edges. Meet 10 am, Lambton at Astoria.
  • Apr. 22nd – Portage Park & trail to Humber. Meet 10 am at Portage Park.
  • Apr. 28th – Dora Spencer & Emmett Ave.: meet 10 am, Weston at Dora Spencer Rd.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.