UPX fares too expensive study says

69% of Torontonians think the UP Express is too expensive, and only one in four people think the train is priced well, according to a Forum Research poll released before Christmas.

The UPX will cost $27.50 each way for a ride between Pearson and Union Station.

The poll also found that only 18% of people are “very likely” to use the UPX. Another 24% of respondents say they are “somewhat likely” to use it.

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These responses, of course, are unlikely to phase Metrolinx, who have never said that this train is for people like you and me. The UPX, they say, is for elite business travellers (or, at least those elites who take public transit).

Steve Munro has weighed in on the UPX fares, and he is, as usual, unsparing:

The fare structure is, to no great surprise, not “affordable” in the sense of day-to-day travel for the distance involved. Metrolinx makes virtue of this by positioning the UP Express as a premium service in a league with other cities: Missing from this statement is the acknowledgement that many “world class cities” also have lower-cost routes to their airports…. Notable by their absence from comparisons with other cities are any North American airports because none of these offer a premium express service….
The mentality that claims Toronto needs to be “world class” by having a premium air rail link is the worst kind of boosterism that says more about the people whose careers depend on this sort of project than it does about good planning and leadership.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.