UPX news: ridership doubled

After Metrolinx halved fares on the UP Express, ridership doubled, according to The Star. Interestingly, commuters are still only a small fraction of the ridership. 83% of the passengers were taking the train to the airport.

In other news: The Sun reported this week that Metrolinx spent $48,000 on the design of UPX uniforms and an aborted attempt to get them into Fashion Week.  Transportation Minister Stephen Del Duca was not pleased. He told The Sun

“The news regarding the Union Pearson Express uniforms is disappointing and I have expressed to the chair personally my concerns regarding recent decisions made by Metrolinx,”

The CEO of the UPX, Kathy Haley, is losing her job. Don’t feel sad for her: she made $236,000 last year, even though the UPX had fewer riders than the 59 Maple Leaf bus, which runs through Weston.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “UPX news: ridership doubled”

  1. According to Metrolinx (and I doubt it is true) they needed 5000 riders at the old higher fare just to break even on operating costs. 5000 per day is still only 31 per trip in trains that seat 173. It needs to be a TTC fare and fully integrated with TTC in Weston (89, 52, 79, 73, 32, 59 buses). Properly done it could serve as a partial relief for the bloor line passengers who want to go downtown.

  2. Anecdotally, from one who rides the train every day, the trains are certainly well patronized depending on the time of day. There seem to be a few more people using the service at Bloor than there were using the GO train. Ridership at Weston probably hasn’t risen far beyond the numbers that were taking the GO train, which is not surprising; one of the reasons is that the parking lots are near capacity. The numbers going to and from the airport seem to be steady and increasing.

    For a Weston resident, the service is terrific, and I have no cause to complain.

    What’s interesting is that the Smart Track scheme has kind of fizzled away as Metrolinx has recently fleshed out its proposal to introduce frequent all day service along the Kitchener corridor, at least as far as Bramalea. For those who were paying attention, Metrolinx had indicated something of this sort was in the works years ago. It almost looks as though the whole Smart Track thing was a very convenient ploy by the Tory campaign, but I couldn’t possibly think such things about a politician. With improved service on the Kitchener line, the TTCy won’t have to deliver anything substantive aside from an extension to the Eglinton LRT on Eglinton west. Anyway, to get to the point, it seems very likely that as Metrolinx upgrades to more frequent service on the Kitchener line, that service will probably end up looking a lot like UPX does now: heavier than an LRT but geared towards an intraurban ridership.

  3. By my Math, if ridership doubled and fares were halved, then income would be the same as before. By my recollection though, the drop in price was more than half of the fare; in fact, with a Presto card, it could be as much as one-third. Increased ridership though is a great sign of things to come; as, word of mouth will help the train’s popularity.

  4. Loving the UP Express train, I use it daily to and from work, I hope it will bring income into Weston; that people/business’ will want to move here because it’s a short ~11min ride to downtown – Weston has affordable houses so why wouldn’t you move here, well lack of services – but hoping that will change.

    Oh and Parking at the main GO station is terrible and the other parking lot is getting pretty full, I hope they will expand the parking.

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