UPX reaches target ridership

The UP Express reached its early ridership targets, according to Metrolinx, and is now carrying about 3250 riders a day (about 23 riders per trip).

CP24 says that internal surveys found 3 in 4 riders were very satisfied with the trip, but that many got lost trying to find the station.

Not all were pleased, however. The Huffington Post has a long article criticizing the retro ride and the poor connections with transit:

My UP ride started as a curious marketing inspection after I smelled blood from all the wasteful promo blunders of the past year, but it culminated in a much broader indictment and plenty of citizen rage. This is my town, my trains, my money. This was supposed to reflect my brand, as a Torontonian. Instead, we got yet another product of small minds, narrow agendas, parochial bureaucrats and classically low expectations. We should all feel a little bit embarrassed by those empty seats, the angry diesel engines, the misaligned stations and the giant billboards. All brought to us by our town’s multiple, unrelated, disconnected transport authorities.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “UPX reaches target ridership”

  1. “3250 riders a day (about 23 riders per trip)”

    These numbers should probably be skewed downwards somewhat. First, there was a four-hour freebie on one of the days which may have added a couple of thousand unwarranted passengers for the two-week period counted total. Second, I’m having difficulty understanding the roughly 140 trips per day that yields the riders-per-trip statistic. That slightly-low number would compromise their achieving 15-minute service throughout the 19.5 hours of service.

  2. The electrification trains should come sooner rather than later..those diesel trains are loud and clang of bell every 15 mins.. you could hear pretty well in Pelmo Park.

  3. Just for fun I looked up the bus ridership in the vicinity. Most recent data is from 2012 is daily ridership from Monday to Friday:

    52 Lawrence West – 23000
    58 Malton – 17500
    89 Weston – 15100
    79 Scarlett Rd – 8400
    59 Maple Leaf – 2900

    The UPX has barely more ridership than the 59 three years ago

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