UPX ridership triples–but it is still diesel

Ridership on the UP Express has tripled since Metrolinx cut fares, to more than 8,000 daily riders, according to Torontoist. The number of riders continues to grow, although at a slower rate.

The Clean Train Coalition, though, would like to remind you that the Metrolinx and the province have blown right through the start date for regional rail electrification:

“The environmental assessment process for electrification was supposed to start four months ago in July. It has not started, there has been no announcement explaining the delay, and there is no word from the government when it will start.”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “UPX ridership triples–but it is still diesel”

  1. “Up” means “down” in politics: say what you want, and don’t do anything…then make promises, get elected, and don’t do anything.

    1. Double speak, sure.

      But, not just from politicians, as we’re hearing today from the folks at Bombardier. And, they’re not unique.

      On the other hand, good timing, given the other news story today about our new electricity partner, Hydro Quebec.

      Maybe now we’ll have enough affordable juice to consider the cleaner way, electrification?

      (Come on, who’s holding their breathe?)

      But, given the blackout problems throughout the city, especially where there are many brand new housing starts that require expensive infrastructure, will it ever be enough hydro in our life times?

      This town ain’t getting smaller.

      Anyway, and in the meantime, let’s enjoy the benefit of actually having a good, affordable, high speed rail service to choose when the need arises.

      Get on board, go for a ride and then explore & enjoy the city.
      (Carpe diem, while we wait to plug in the Prius & Teslas.)

      We’re luckier than other Torontonians.

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