Urban heroes–vote for Ken!

Ken Theobald, a volunteer at the Weston King Neighbourhood Centre, has been nominated for an Urban Heroes award, and he needs your vote.

KenFrom the profile:

Ken Theobald is a front-line community worker who has been working in the city’s northwest inner suburbs (specifically Weston/Mount Dennis) for the past decade. He goes way beyond what is expected in his job.

He is a tireless advocate for those who live on the margins in this community — those who are homeless, struggling in poverty, dealing with mental health issues, dealing with substance issues, newcomers, refugees, racialized and Indigenous people.

He is a strong advocate for the inner suburbs and for neighbourhoods that are under-served and under resourced.

Ken is also a strong social justice advocate who campaigns for adequate housing, income support, an effective poverty reduction strategy and a social safety net for those in need.

He is an effective community organizer who has introduced new programs and services to this community. He believes that the key to being a good advocate and a good organizer is the ability to listen and to transition from empathy to action.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Ken is dedicated and special. We’re lucky to have him at the Weston King Neighbourhood Centre.

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