Urban Toronto has a Weston Common update.

The colourful exterior of the updated parking garage that will serve the adjacent  building under construction at 22 John Street. The Weston Farmers Market will occupy the open space behind the blue hoarding. Photo taken on September 19, 2018.

The people at Urban Toronto, operate a website dedicated to ‘condos, architecture, urban development and real estate’. They are in general, cheerleaders for the construction industry and have published an article detailing some of the latest construction milestones at the Weston Common site at 22 John Street opening early next year. While U.T. has glossed over some details of the project, of interest is the way that the existing above-ground parking garage on King Street will be connecting to the new building (the parkade was originally intended to largely serve the retail complex that never got off the ground).

What will the sudden influx of 396 new households do to Weston’s traffic, retail strip and culture? It won’t be long before we have the long anticipated answer.

Incidentally, October 27th is the last day of the 2018 Weston Farmers Market season and the last using the UP Express parking location. Next May, the market will return to John Street behind the new building.

Read the Urban Toronto article here.

2 thoughts on “Urban Toronto has a Weston Common update.”

  1. It’s about time, and one of the best things to happen in this neighbourhood in ages. Yes, traffic (both foot and vehicular) will increase, as will the control measures to alleviate conflict (contrary to the claims made by a large contingent of virtue signallers). This is all normal in a densifying area. But before the usual, NIMBY, end of the world, developers have free reign, blame Nunziata… blah blah blah.. zealots come crawling out of their holes, the ONLY way to mitigate Toronto’s persistent and growing housing divide is for mixed-income, mixed-use, and higher density housing projects like this.

    For the politically blind partisans who are sure to chime in:


    “But theirs will be a losing battle until more high-density housing is built. Such housing is the only viable policy fix and ought to be the highest priority of reformers. – well-intentioned incumbent San Franciscans are ideologically prone to look for villains elsewhere… But it must grow and change, just as it did when the homes owned by its NIMBYs were built.”

    1. NO…the issue Mr.PHD is Weston has its far share of low income and rental towers combined with slumlords. This is what those with the so called PHD and so called leaders fail to see or for some reason understand.
      Weston Rd is littered with slumlords, dirty and poorly run buildings. SO ^&^&*()() off.

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