UrbanArts completes mural project in Weston

Last week, UrbanArts  finished two mural projects, one in Weston. The projects employed six community youth, in addition to a leader, for six weeks this summer.

Marlene McKintosh, the executive director, said “our goal is to take mundane spaces and beautify them, to bring a certain life to the community, as well as to discourage negative graffiti.” The program, which has been running since 1999, paints an average of two murals a year.

The mural in Weston was created under the direction of Diliana Popova and designed by the youth team in consultation with UrbanArts and the property owners. It shows scenes from Weston’s and Mount Dennis’s history: the Kodak plant, a train, and two Meals on Wheels volunteers. It is outside Humber Community Seniors’ Services at 1167 Weston Rd.

By hiring young people from the area, UrbanArts is trying to “engage people in the community in positive ways to build skills, talent and confidence. They can take that into the other areas of their lives.”

Photos by Roy Murray.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.