Very tall building proposed for Hollis Ave

The owners of the properties between 15 and 21 Hollis Avenue in Mount Dennis are proposing a 34-storey, 365-unit residential building on the small, residential street.

From the proposal

Bousfields, who wrote the report, say that the tall tower fits in because it will

frame and enhance the streetscape along Hollis Street, and provide an appropriately scaled building that is compatible with the future development potential of adjacent properties.

I’ll be honest. Try as I might, I don’t get it. The planners provide many reasons why this should work, but to me it comes down to something simple: This is a very tall tower surrounded by lovely little homes on a very narrow street. Will it fit in the future, if the whole block is redeveloped? Maybe. Does it fit and frame the neighbourhood as it exists now? No.

Speaking of redeveloping the block, though, the report references a nearby and similar proposal. The owners of 8–16 Locust—just one street north—are asking to build a 35-storey building (the tallest building in Mount Dennis). It, too, would be on a quiet, narrow street. That application, Bousfields notes, is being appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal, “following Council’s failure to make a decision”.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Very tall building proposed for Hollis Ave”

  1. Hi Adam, I agree 100% with you. I’m not against density but such a giant tower on this little street doesn’t make any sense. The impact on adjacent homes and on this corner between Eglinton and Weston will be devastated for the community.

  2. Why is it that in Weston/ Mt Dennis, developers try to push the boundaries for scale (and most times win)? While in other areas of the city do not succeed. We do need development, and density is part of it, but these massive towers can’t be the only viable option.
    Strong communities not economies of scale.

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