Vibration mitigation in Mount Dennis

Mount Dennis has been suffering from terrestrial vibrations caused by the trains that run through town. Last week, they held a community meeting to discuss ways the vibrations might be mitigated.

The report on the meeting says that Metrolinx has committed to installing ‘ballast mats’ under the tracks they control (CP’s tracks will not have ballat mats installed). Ballast mats are rubber and cork mats that run under the tracks.

The mats were not part of the original plan, but came about, Metrolinx says, because of a change in the track alignments to accommodate the GO station they will be building at the Eglinton LRT line.

The tracks will not get ballast mats immediately. Instead, they will be installed in stages, as the lines are built and replaced.

Ballast mat (yellow)

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Vibration mitigation in Mount Dennis”

  1. Why oh why is it a surprise that trains running through communities cause vibrations?

    Where is our protection from Metrolinx — electrification later (“The cheque’s in the mail.”), ballast mats after the fact (dirty air and noise? not a problem).

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