Vibration testing and concrete pours

Metrolinx will be conducting a vibration test to see if the tracks should be padded to reduce rumbling in the neighbourhood. Seven tests of about five minutes each will be performed over the next week in three locations around Weston.

Mount Dennis will be getting “ballast mats”—rubbery mats that line the track bed to absorb some of the rumbling. Perhaps if I can get than nincompoop who parks outside my house with his stereo on to head down to Church Street at the right time next week, we’ll get ballast mats too.


In other construction news, Metrolinx will be undertaking another series of ‘continuous pours’. The pours are required to ensure the concrete sets as one slab. More cement trucks than usual will be entering and leaving, and some construction will be taking place during the night

again 20131118 6th Weston Tunnel Continuous Concrete Pours

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.