Voter turnout 45% in October 7 election.

As analysts begin poring over the chicken entrails disgorged in Thursday’s elections, a sad announcement was made here on Weston Web. Paul Ferreira will likely quit politics as a result of this election. His shock announcement came in response to Weston Web readers yesterday.

What are we to make of this election? No doubt the full story will be told over the next few days. A quick rundown of the numbers from Elections Ontario using April’s eligible voter numbers gives an approximate (and unofficial) view of the voter turnout and percentage of the total number of voters in the riding (68,978 in April).

  • Laura Albanese..(L)…20.1%
  • Paul Ferreira..(NDP).18.9%
  • Lan Daniel..(PC)……..5.02%
  • Keith Jarrett..(G)……..0.6%

Total votes cast: 31,043

Approximate voter turnout: 45%. This is even lower than the dismal 51% in April in which Mike Sullivan defeated incumbent Alan Tonks. With so much at stake for Ontario’s second poorest riding, one must ask why voters couldn’t be bothered to move themselves to vote. Lord knows we have enough compelling issues – lack of jobs, poverty, atrocious rental housing, lack of decent transportation, large numbers of diesel trains about to pollute the area – the list goes on and on. The winning candidate only seemed to come to life and muster up some fighting spirit for the election and will no doubt slip back into obscurity once the dust settles.

So the bottom line is, a winning political candidate in York South Weston only needs to convince about 1 in 5 eligible voters to get out and mark an x.

That is truly pathetic.

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  1. It’s absolutely disgusting to me the apathy, not only in this riding, but across Ontario. People wonder why polliticians act as if they can do anything they want. It’s because we have told them loud and clear that we don’t care.

  2. ‘Voter turnout 45% in October 7 election.’

    55% of eligible voters did not participate in the process of hiring a New MPP for York South Weston.

    I encourage these 55% of non participants to save some money to spend on Hearing Aids very soon. The Diesel Trains are on the way. A contest is being planned. The winner of the grand prize will be selected among the 55% non participants that will spot the Noisest Diesel Train.

    Other prizes for those that breathe the most fumes will include:

    PIZZA dinner with Laura Albanese’s Husband
    PASTA Buffet with Laura Albanese’s Dougther
    CAKES and Cappuccino with Laura Albanese’s Son
    BBQ with Laura Albanese herself ( she may choose not to show up )

  3. Joe you are too funny!

    But Albanese’s husband will probably pitch a fit and have to be escorted out, the daughter will invade your space by constantly taking your picture (one has to wonder what she does with all those pics!!), the son I have no idea (he leaves no impression) and if Laura doesn’t show up, oh well… it’s not like it would be a big surprise! And then her ‘manager’ would find some way to find fault with YOU and why she couldn’t come.

  4. low voter turnout is indicative of just how many people actually care to even bother voting. of those people who bother to care to even vote, sadly, their number doesn’t reflect those who actually care about the issues and have made an informed decision.

    these are just some of the deciding factors and reasons i have heard people give for choosing a candidate:

    – ethnicity (for or against a particular one)
    – gender (for or against a particular one)
    – incumbency (should elect a person because they have been elected last time)
    – first name on ballot
    – name attractiveness (i like the way this name looks & sounds vs. the others)
    – sexual orientation (against a particular one)
    – religious belief (picking a candidate because they are the same religion as you)
    – picking any candidate just for the sake of showing the government that you went to vote.
    – voting for a party because a certain politician was a member of that party decades ago.
    -voting against a party because a certain politician was a member of that party decades ago.
    -voting for a candidate based on the number of signs you saw.
    -voting for a candidate because they are the most likely to win.

    and a few other bad reasons.

    i’d rather have a 10% voter turnout totally comprised of people who make informed rational decisions than have 90% turnout with most of the people using the bad reasons above to cast their ballot.

    this applies to every election. not just the last one.

  5. Instead of putting down the many people in our riding who didn’t vote, we should ask why they didn’t. Could it be that we have had too many elections close together? Not that this makes the voters lazy, one just tires of hearing the same campaign rhetoric over and over.
    Or perhaps people are tired of hearing the same lies from wishy washy politicians, who promise all sorts of things during their campaigns and then deliver little to nothing once they are voted in.
    The truth here is that voters need to be reminded of their option to vote ‘none of the above’!!

  6. The turnout was disappointing and discouraging.

    Elections Ontario didn’t make it easy for folks to vote and made decisions that disenfranchised some voters. To wit:

    – there was no advance poll in Weston or Mount Dennis — these neighbourhoods had the highest advance vote numbers in the Federal Election;
    – in terms of locations of the advance vote: George Bell Arena is difficult to find and recent traffic management changes make it difficult to access, especially from the east; Centennial Rec Centre only has paid parking — I know a few folks who refused to go there because of this.
    – many tenants along the Weston Road corridor were made to vote at Pelmo Park School. That’s a long trek. These folks normally vote at the Weston Library. I personally met two such voters outside the library on Thursday. They were upset they had been turned away and had no way to get up to Pelmo. We drove them up, but I’m sure there were dozens more who we didn’t meet. They probably gave up and went home.
    – the returning office — where you could vote for the entire duration of the campaign — was buried in the most inaccessible, invisible part of the riding. It needs to be placed in a more prominent location in future.
    – the voters list itself is a mess. We have people who have been deceased for years on the list. We have people who are citizens and who had been on the list for years who are now not in the list. We have young voters who are not on the list. We need to go back to a door-to-door enumeration. That would help clean up the list and also lead to greater participation rates since it raises awareness.

    My campaign — along with the Liberal campaign, I’m sure — did our best to identify voters and supporters. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to find people at home. In some parts of the riding, it’s difficult just getting someone to answer their door or pick up the phone.

    And the petty, divisive nature of politics today has turned lots of people off. That’s why we tried our best to stick to issues and solutions. Unfortunately, we didn’t connect with quite enough voters.

    Cheers, Paul

  7. Paul, I would hope that complaints to Elections Ontario would prompt an investigation as to why so many were disenfranchised this time. I know the poll I was at had over 14 pages of voters and only about 6 had voted in the advanced polls. Out of the remaining names, only 99 came to my poll. And there were 6 other polls in my station. So if that is what happened all over Weston and Mount Dennis, I would suggest that someone made an arbitrary and incorrect decision to make it difficult for voters to actually vote. Could there have been pressure by another party to move the polls and make them inaccessible? I wouldn’t be surprised.

    I plan on filing a complaint as a scrutineer. I hope others and yourself would do that too. In my wildest dreams, I would want a re-vote to be taken in YS-W and I think the outcome would be vastly different. Obviously I don’t think that will come to bear. But we need to file formal complaints so it doesn’t happen again.

  8. I met one voter wandering around the park late at night between Pelmo PS & CC. Asked me the directions to Weston Road. I asked her what she was doing in the park and she told me she had come down to vote. She was hoping to catch a bus rather than walk the distance to Weston Road.

  9. sue, a lady waking east on gary drive asked me where pelmo public school was so she could go vote. i found it quite strange. if people are coming from such a long distance that they don’t even know where pelmo P.S is or the plaza across the street from it, something went seriously wrong this election.

    i’m willing to believe that alot of people who don’t own cars and had no choice but to walk from such a distance to vote just gave up and didn’t go. even paying a bus fare for some of the poverty stricken people in the area is too much and a deterrent. this is why voting stations need to be a reasonable walking distance. if there were no voting locations within a reasonable walking distance from weston road, a heavily populated corridor with many elderly, disabled & low income folks, i believe the election needs to be redone in this riding because democracy has been put too far out of reach for a large number of people.

  10. Our Poll 48 voting card had the address of Amesbury Community Centre 1750 Lawrence ave west. My son went there in the morning to vote and was told to go to Amesbury Middle school. About 11:00am my son received in the mail a revised voting card with the corrected address of Poll 48. What is curious here is my son got the revised card, but myself and my wife did not.My son took the time to go from Amesbury Cummunity centre to go to Amesbury Middle school to vote.

    I am of the opinion that many voters of Poll 48 went to Amesbury Community Centre and found the place closed and no Poll 48. Many of them must have gone home without voting.

    When I went to vote at poll 48 at 8:45PM I was told my the poll clerk that only 220 people had voted. This was very low for this area.

    Many people probably missed voting, because of the confusion.

    On election day about 7:30pm I was in front of my house and was approached by four canvsers who introduced themselves as working for the liberal candidate. One of them was from the Premier’s Office and onother was Laura Albanese’s son in law. The other two were from outside the riding.

  11. Unfortunately, Mark, the allegations are true. And heard by a number of pockets within the community. Albanese’s husband was allegedly heard to make a homophobic slur with a disgusting hand gesture at the LEF debate but as it was done in Italian, only a handful may have heard it. He was subsequently led out of the debate and is clearly shown being led out on Adam’s video of the evening.

    As for wonky polling station locations, I have filed a complaint with Elections Ontario to which they replied to today. Their explanation was crap and they claim that they did their ‘due diligence’ with regards to stations that were accessible, etc. I refuted that with examples of many accessible locations that were not used this time as they had in the past. People from Weston Road were sent to Pelmo when they could have been sent to either HJ Alexander, the library, CR Marchant or Weston Memo. There is no rational reason why someone who lives on Rosemount and Joseph should have to go to Pelmo or someone who lives on Rectory or Church going to Pelmo. Someone deliberately chose to move the polls further east instead of spreading them evenly. There were no advanced polls in Weston or even Mount Dennis. The closest to Weston Village was at Falstaff and Jane. Can you imagine on of the seniors who doesn’t drive going over to that poll? I can’t. Or to Industry Street? Or to Eglinton and Keele or St. Clair and Scarlett? Because that’s where people were sent.

    Send in a formal complaint through the Elections Ontario website. Something or someone made a deliberate decision to disenfranchise voters in Weston.

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