Wakame Sushi is the best sushi joint in Weston

I love Weston; I really do. But in some ways, it’s the worst of two worlds: it has all the traffic of Toronto and all the soulkill of the suburbs. This, though, is starting to change. Since moving here, I have had four dreams: an Indian, Thai, and Japanese restaurant–and a decent coffee shop. And, while a good cuppa remains a hope deferred, Wakame Sushi at the Crossroads Plaza has brought Weston into the 21st century.

I get my Indian from Rajdhani, which is just up the street in Rexdale. They know me by name, and it’s all vegetarian and cheap as chips; $7 will give you a stomach ache and a heart attack. Triple Thai, on Jane, has been getting great reviews. I haven’t been, to my shame, because my wife is anti-Thai.

This weekend, flush with cash from Craigslist, we went to Wakame Sushi. The place is attractive, the equal of any cheap sushi joint in the 416, and far prettier than most of the other utilitarian places around our hood. The room is long and divided down the middle; the wait staff thoughtfully seated my rather loud and messy family away from the people on dates.

The food was good. The fish sushi was fine; the vegetable sushi better. The tempura was great–though why every single sushi place has to use the same lousy shrimp, I’ll never know. (I think they must get tempura kits premade that they fry up.) Speaking of which, anyone over 6 years old should skip the yakatori skewers, which were clearly prepackaged and nuked. Gross.

Still, all in all, totally good–and better when you get the bill. We fed two and two halves for $42, decent tip included.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Wakame Sushi is the best sushi joint in Weston”

  1. Just went last night, I’m so happy to have sushi just a stone’s throw away. It’s modern on the inside and the sushi itself was delicious. The food comes out at a steady pace and the price is right.

  2. Yes Adam!!! I was planning to eat there soon, and now you got me even more super excited!
    Sidenote: if you want some awesome Thai in the area, can I suggest Lemongrass on Albion and Islington?….I’m kind of hooked…

  3. I’d always be very careful when choosing a Japanese restaurant, especially for sushi. There are only a few Japanese restaurants owned and operated by Japanese in Toronto. I believe that is because of very low Japanese population in the city. Rather most of them are Chinese owned and operated and a small number of Koreans too. There is a huge difference in rice they consume as their staple. Chinese eat long gain rice while Japanese and Koreans eat softer and stickier short grain. There are big differences in taste, how to cook and even the way of eating with chopsticks. Because long grain rice is not sticky, Chinese eat rice in the bowl pouring into the mouth by pushing rice with chopsticks while Japanese and Koreans make a bite size of rice and pick it up with chopsticks and carry it to the mouth. Japanese and Korean have shared a long history of having short grain rice but Chinese just jumped on the sushi bandwagon all of a sudden. I have been to many Chinese owned sushi restaurants and they just don’t know much about short gain rice to produce the right taste in sushi. My choice is to find the real Japanese restaurants and there are a few in town and very expensive. The alternative choice is the Korean owned ones.

  4. Love, love, love. Very comferatable and warm atmosphere and a large restaurant u would never think by just looking from the outside. Always fresh and sushi is to die for. Five stars. Friendly service too, better than sheppards location for sure

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