Ward Broome building to be demolished

The Ward Broome building at 2431 Weston Rd will almost certainly be demolished. In Community Council yesterday, the recommendation of city staff was approved.

The Broome building was spared once before. An application to demolish it went all the way to City Council before it was pulled back for a second thought. The Weston Historical Society was given a chance to have a peek inside and see if the building was worth saving.

The Society found a few things of interest, which they will have the chance to preserve. The Historical Society will also be notified in the future if another building is threatened with demolition.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

11 thoughts on “Ward Broome building to be demolished”

  1. notice the “no stopping” sign in the photograph. it tells it how it is. it’s too bad they couldn’t save this building, even if it was just a portion like the wall fronting weston road.

    what year does this building date back to?

    what’s the reason for the tear down? to sell the lot? is there contamination?

    what things of interest were found?

  2. Someone said it dates from the 50s, but I can’t recall who. The facade is much more attractive than the sides, which are plain concrete block. Concrete block construction has been around since the beginning of the 20th century, so I guess we know it’s no older than that.

    Frances Nunziata’s office didn’t know the reason it was being torn down. Nobody I’ve spoken to does (but I haven’t spoken to many people.)

    I’ll ask what of interest was found, though.

  3. If everyone loves the building then why not buy it or tell the city not to charge taxes on it….Weston has become a hub for the sketchy characters…. Once upon a time Weston was a beautiful village but now even Santa has to wear a bullet proof vest…..Demolish the building and maybe the successful and rich thugs of Weston will bring something positive and necessary to the village of Weston…a brothel or crackhouse maybe….

  4. My apolgies Adam. Weston was a beautiful place to live and raise a family. I’m disappointed how far it is has fallen. Personally, an empty and rundown building in an eyesore. What about the beautification process? Wouldn’t a grassy area with trees look nicer than an empty building. It seems we are more concerned with the quality of architecture then the quality of citizens.

  5. I agree with John. Building is not pretty to look at. Weston has really gone down hill. Is Weston a prime example of what happens to a village when low income housing is introduced? It would be an interesting economic thesis. The Village of Weston, where did it go wrong and can it bounce back?

  6. It has almost been a year since this article…..yet the building is still standing. Did they save the building and if so what will it be used for?

  7. Adam, you better start investigating the properties to the south of 2431 Weston Road and north of the railway track…..

    Check with MetroLink because I know for a fact they can’t raise the height of the bridge so therefore they will have to lower Weston Road..

    Get on your journalistic horse and investigate what is really going on with MetroLink….

  8. Adam…. through a source I know that the Hardwood flooring building and the house to the south of it ( 2417 ) have been purchased my Metrolink… As a taxpayer I would like to know what this crowncorporation paid for it?

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