Wasted Weston part 1

This is the first in a hopefully-short series on waste in Weston: wasted opportunities, wasted money, and wasted space.

Today, a wasted opportunity. The 85-year-old and very pretty Satin Finish office was torn down this week, in exchange for a ‘beautification agreement’¹ with the builders.

Former Satin Finish buildingYour correspondent had other, better plans. It could have been a small rec or youth centre, with after-school programming for the many kids in the new development. Imagine a sunlit space with oak beams and hardwood floors—a nod to its history—with an AV lab, a homework space and a videogame room, where kids could go and play LAN games.

We could have had an institutional daycare—there hasn’t been one since the Weston Village Childcare closed up more than 4 years ago. Or perhaps it could have had a meeting space or a job centre, where we could go, network, and post and find work.

Instead, it will be townhomes.



¹ Nobody knows quite what that means.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Wasted Weston part 1”

  1. Sad.

    I can hardly wait to see what more high density housing is going to do for the already congested area. I would hope there are plans in place to address that very important issue.

  2. Where was the heritage conservation district with regards to Satin Finish? the councillor….the BIA, the residents group…..??? NO WHERE. The building has been there forever, so too little too late….

    1. If ‘truthteller’ ever came to a community meeting, you would have known that we ALL submitted our objections to it being torn down – both to the owner/developer and Heritage Toronto, who deemed it to ‘not be of heritage value’ and signed off on the demolition against everyone’s objections. Objections that were made by every single one you point fingers at in your comment EXCEPT the BIA because it has no standing in the matter. Many conversation were also had with the owner/developer, as well, both in person, by phone and by email. So please spare the rest of us who actually participated in multiple meetings, your sanctimonious comments.

  3. The building has been there for a long time. The building should of been designated long ago…procastinate and look.what happens. Don’t blame developers or others for the lack of foresight by residents. I can already see the torn down building as a renewal of Oak st

  4. When are you Old Anglo Gatekeepers of Weston Village folks going to realize that the world is ever-evolving? Leave your old mentalities and ideas behind.. and accept that things change and money talks. Stop trying to control what people can and can’t do with the properties they own!

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