Water main break shuts down Weston businesses

Yesterday a water main broke sending water flooding down John Street. Metrolinx is working to install a pedestrian bridge in that area and repairs took about nine hours. Businesses along John Street were affected. Because waterman repair is a function of the City, unfortunately, the notification that residents and businesses would have no water for several hours fell between the cracks.

Water flowing from the main break on Wednesday May 6.
Water flowing from the main break on Wednesday May 6. Photo: Weston B.I.A.

This should have been where either the City or Metrolinx’s Community Office swung into action to notify long suffering residents and businesses (such as Pizza Pizza who were forced to close).

It’s surprising that nobody saw this coming. Let’s hope further interruptions can be avoided.

One thought on “Water main break shuts down Weston businesses”

  1. Aren’t we a high priority, long suffering neighbourhood whose councillor talks a lot about her commitment to improving Weston?
    So much construction strains more than our nerves, and there’s more, much more to come: please pay attention to what’s happening on the ground and under, Ms Nunziata.

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