WCI sends students off to exams with an end-of-the-year BBQ

Students are given complimentary burgers with halal-friendly and vegetarian options.

What better way to send off students to a daunting two-week line up of exams with material no one has recollection of learning than with a BBQ?

Weston Collegiate students were released on June 5th with an early leave, allowing them soak up the lovely Friday weather and take part in the school’s annual BBQ.

Over a hundred students filled the back field to gobble down hamburgers, participate in the many games offered, and relax. Activities included tug-o-war, a watermelon-eating-contest, and many other carnival-esque games. Students shielded their yearbooks and gel pens while a chaotic water balloon fight ensued around them, desperately attempting to keep their end-of-the-year quotes and inside jokes dry. The BBQ ended as rain started to drizzle, and students left with sticky fingers, warm smiles, and a shade of sunburnt-red kissing the tops of their shoulders.

IMG_2497A contrast from many other years, this BBQ was organized under the cohesion of several major school clubs – ACLC (African Canadian Leadership Committee), WAHM (Weston Against Harm Movement), Future Aces, and WCI’s Student Council.

Well before the student body’s arrival, the clubs and according staff headed out early to begin preparations. Together, they commandeered specific activity stations around the field and organized the food to be served. While tables and chairs were carried out onto the grass, an M&M meat shops van rolled in. Employees flooded out to set up the grill and soon the sweet smell of charcoal and smoking hamburger meat was in the air.

“The barbecue for the most part was probably one of the best days of the school year,” says Nathan Valdez, a grade ten student. “Everyone put away their differences to have a last day together as classmates and friends in the year and have a good time. The music, food, and games were fun.”

To recap, this school year has been notably active for WCI. With the presence of our two new standing vice principals, Mrs. Aloise and Ms. Babic, new school activities were rolling out at a breakneck pace: the WCI Lip Dub, the music department’s bronze victory at the TFM, several club-specific trips to resorts, countless SHSM competitions, student microwaves finally making a comeback in the cafeteria, free morning breakfasts, to excited admin participation in the school gardens – their unwavering work and determined, fresh demeanor has produced amazing results.

Ms. Babic, the standing vice principal (right).

2015 was a year of new academic and extracurricular opportunities, accompanied with the slow introduction of luxury highschool events made affordable for our demographic; free breakfast and the prospect of a semi formal, among many others. I hope WCI continues to strive relentlessly to make new, innovative ideas a tangible reality within the school scene. The plans for 2016 may be daunting but exhilarating nonetheless.

Ruchi Vijh, a graduating student, says wisely, “Everyone always talks about how high school will be the best time of your life. I never really believed that cliché my whole time at Weston but now thats its all over, I finally understand it. Just hang in there, everyone – it’s a great rollercoaster ride [that] you’ll appreciate after the scary parts.”

Student exhibits excellent technique, refined from years of watermelon-eating contests.

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Author: Natalie

Natalie attends Weston CI and loves many things, namely Star Wars.