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I was away for a while last month and missed these two excellent videos on Weston produced by Options for Homes. OFH is currently building a condo on the banks of the Humber at 10 Wilby Crescent.

Both videos feature Squibb’s Stationers owner (and Weston Village Residents’ Association Communications Director), Suri Weinberg-Linsky talking about Weston and promoting it as a place to live.

Here they are in one convenient spot.


7 thoughts on “Welcome to Weston Videos”

  1. Good spotting & thanks for posting, Roy.

    And, nicely done, Suri.
    (Baby steps.
    We’ll get there!)

    1. Well said Suri!!! I too agree.. “we’ll never be another Parkdale or Junction” haha. But baby steps right? in 50 years we’ll be half of what the Junction is today. Remember hope is always the last thing to die.

      On the bookstore front.. seriously? In today’s digital age, how does Squabblys even stay afloat? I don’t mean disrespect in asking that, afterall I rather see a bookstore than a Cash’N’Carry.

      Suri, I know you’re an avid protestor against new builds in Weston’s Village, and a fan of the Weston Historical Society (aka Association of Those Living in the Past). Get with the times, modernization is a good thing.

      1. Thanks for the back-handed compliment? I think? Weston WAS the ‘Bloor-West’ and ‘Junction’ of it’s day – it lost all of its good retail over the last 30 years due to various reasons, least of which is the lack of interest by the residents to actually shop locally. So we reap what we sow….

        I’m not against ‘new builds’ as I clearly state in my interview. I have been a big proponent of the new rental building, Artscape and the new live-work spaces on the back of 33 King. I have no issues with new builds. My only issues are with those who think they can do what they like and bypass the by-laws and regulations.

        As for our Weston history, yes, I’m a huge proponent of it!! And proudly so as a transplant into this storied and historic neighbourhood. I think it ironic and sort of sad that people travel all over the world reveling in history – England, France, Italy, Greece, etc – but when it comes to our own ‘home’, we tear it down, throw it away, forget it and move along. And then, when no one knows what Weston is or was, we throw up our hands and say why? Why are we so quick to throw our local history under the bus but then travel abroad to gape at some one else’s? Shouldn’t we start looking at our famous people? Our accomplishments? The buildings where something good happened? Or are we that jaded?

        As for doing okay as a bookstore – we service thousands of students across the province with their book needs and anyone who comes in to shop locally for books & Bibles. In fact, our Bible sales are one of our biggest line items and as I wrote this, I sold one. I have clients coming from all over the City to visit us and some still reference the article in the Star from almost 2 years ago from our 90th anniversary. So while we will never be Chapters or Costco or Loblaws or Amazon in selling books, we are YOUR local bookshop. A rare breed. And making a strong comeback in many communities!

        BTW, I’m happy to have conversations in person instead of over this portal. Call me ‘old-fashioned’….

        1. hmm.. super low property tax for businesses in a poor area… workplace a 10 minute walk from home… gentrification changes the game infavourably… KEEP WESTON OLD FASHIONED!

    2. Thank you Anonymous! I hadn’t seen the second part of the interview, so happy that Roy posted it. 🙂

  2. Always refreshing to hear about the positive side of Weston! There is a lot to celebrate – especially the wonderful people who call it home. I’m reading the new book “Our Towns” by James and Deborah Fallows. It describes small towns around the US that have struggled and then reinvented themselves. The Artscape has the potential to do that for Weston! Also, a shoutout to the Weston library which provides great programs and service that really benefit the community.

  3. Hang in there, Suri.
    (You might be ahead of the curve.)

    As for history,

    “..If you know your history
    Then you would know where you’re coming from
    Then you wouldn’t have to ask me
    Who the heck do I think I am ..”

    (Robert Nesta Marley)

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