Wendell to be slower; Weston to get another traffic circle

Etobicoke York Community Council overruled city staff and voted to lower the speed limit on Wendell Avenue between Queenslea and Gary Drive. The limit will be lowered from 50 to 40 km/h.
At the same meeting, Council voted (with staff) to install another roundabout–Weston’s second–at the intersection of Queenslea and Deerhurst. Two additional stop signs will also be installed.
Frances Nunziata has a history of overruling city staff recommendations when it benefits Weston.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Wendell to be slower; Weston to get another traffic circle”

  1. Why are there stop signs at the roundabouts?

    That’s not how you use a roundabout, and the stop signs make the roundabout irrelevant. Why waste the money?

    If it’s a roundabout, traffic should give way only (not have to stop).
    If it’s a 4 way stop, there’s no need for a roundabout.

  2. There should be yield signs instead. Where the stop signs there originally or where they added when people couldn’t understand how to drive a roundabout?

  3. If the “experts” state that lower speeds, etc is not required, who is she to override the experts? When you get to the roundabout, there is a stop sign, so whats the purpose of the roundabout? How does this benefit Weston?

  4. A roundabout? a waste of money. I live right near this intersection on Deerhurst. There has been some big car crashes here and latest that was brought to Frances’ attention when last year a car flipped over. Speed was the factor. What is needed is a four way stop ONLY and lower speed limits to 30km. I can’t stand roundabouts.

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