West22 model suite open.

Landscaping work was taking place this morning in the space between the the Weston Hub live / work artist residences on the left and the West22 building on the right.

If you want to get an idea of what the rental suites will be like when the new apartment building on John Street opens early next year, head down to the model suite at the end of John Street just before the footbridge.

Property managers Rhapsody are positioning the apartments as, ‘Resort style rental living with access to everywhere’. Suites in the building range from ~400 sq ft studios at $1383 monthly to ~ 11oo square feet 2 bedrooms for $2463 monthly. The model suite shows very well and will be retained so that prospective residents can see the features without bothering existing occupants. All suites come with stainless kitchen appliances, quartz countertops and a stacked washer – dryer. Building amenities include a gym, urban cafe, media room / resident lounge and pet lounge. Another big selling point of the building is the 7-minute walk to the Go Train and UP Express.

The Leasing Centre is open from 10-6 weekdays and 10-5 on weekends.

Check out the various models and prices here.

14 thoughts on “West22 model suite open.”

  1. I saw the model unit and love it. Maybe, we’ll finally have income levels in the village that will support some new and more up-scale stores and restaurants as well as ensuring that those that are already here make a decent living.

  2. This is despicable, its a shame the prices are so high. The community should server those in the community first, and not try to gentrify the area.

    Shame on Artscape. someone should hold them accountable.

    1. Ummmm, you do realize that the price the author notes is for the “high end” 2 bedroom units only, he did not include the fact that there’s a range of 2 bedroom units in this building with prices starting at $1800… which is both well below the Toronto average cost ($2800), and in-line with the price of some fully subsidized units at TCHC building….

      1. You do understand how gentrification works right ? Also average market rent for affordable housing in the city of toronto is $1,426, and your misinformed about the price of TCHC housing. I toured West 22, nothing high end about it. Just a marketing ploy.

        1. It’s “you’re” not “your”

          And I am certainly not misinformed, I do quite a bit of formal research with and in TCHC facilities. Note I said “some” not “all” TCHC units…. you can go away now

          1. Okay, be childish. The point is Weston is coming gentrified, those living in the neighbourhood will be priced out. This stupid obsession turning Weston into a riverside community will negatively affect visible visible minorities, newcomers and low-income families in the neighbourhood.

            But I guess you’re* fine with that, since you want see us go away….

        2. I went to see the model home today J. I dont jnow which model suite you looked at but the model was was beautiful.
          If this were condos for sale I would purchase a suite of I didnt already own a home. Layout was nice. Quality high end finishes

          1. Yes, sure very nice looking. But again thats not the point, the point is people in the neighbourhood will be priced out to serve the interest of those who don’t even live in the neighbourhood.

    2. I disagree with you J. I own a house in the neighborhood and have been worried over the years about the value of my property. The area needs more affluent residents and storefront to uplift the area. Area has been looking run down and too many pay day loan places empty store fronts etc. A Starbucks would be nice at the corner of weston/Lawrence at the old Scotia bank site and so on. I welcome gentrification. I wish the would renovate some of these apartment buildings and some need to be torn down and rebuilt. Very shabby looking

      1. I agree with you with the payday loan situation, they are predatory and should close down. But, should we advocate Starbucks over two community driven local coffee shops that opened in the last 2 years ?

        Again, yes these apartment building are horrible conditions but should we be pressing all three governments to improve the standards, conditions of these units…as most are TCHC housing.

        Should we be pressing developers like Rockport to create mixed affordable housing units in the neighbourhood ?

        1. No. Weston doesn’t need more “affordable housing” units. There’s PLENTY. And lol at “serving interests of people who don’t even live here” and yet they’d be the ones moving in. A complete overhaul of Weston is needed. I’m not sure how old you are or your gender but please try being a semi-attractive female walking alone past 5PM in this god forsaken neighbourhood. The bad HEAVILY outweigh the good and anyone truly invested in the neighbourhood would have to agree. But please, continue to ignore the BS in favour of remembering what Weston was 30 years ago and prevent moving this lint-filled pocket of the city forward.

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