Westminster United Church closing

Westminster United Church will be closing for good this summer, according to
. The daycare there, long a fixture in Weston—and the former caregivers to my daughter—is scrambling to find new space.

After meeting with the congregation, it was decided in late November/early December to close the church at 69 William St. for good, citing declining membership. The last service will be June 16.

“Of course parents are very concerned,” Cross said, adding daycare children range in age from 18 months to nine years old. “We want to be able to walk the kids to school and if we went a little bit further, we will have to secure a bus. We’re hoping within a month or two we’ll know who’s bidding to buy the church. We’re hoping it’s another church and we’ll be allowed to stay. It’s so sad the church is closing.”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Our son is going to Weston Memorial in the Fall, and as the daycare is the only one that offers after-school care in the neighbourhood we’re pretty anxious.

  2. Why does only one school in the neighbourhood have an after school program?
    How do parents manage?
    Is the daycare a separate entity or part of the school program?
    Wouldn’t a day care in a school pay for itself….don’t they charge the parents for the program.
    I really don’t understand this. Help me understand please….

  3. our community lacks the very services that make all other communities great. I have read previous comments and request for news, which brought about comments about a so called movie shoot on Rosemount???? the news of weston should focus on the clear lack of resources and services in our community, no matter your income level!!!! not about a movie shoot……..

  4. bob, it’s me and Roy, two unpaid writers, volunteering our time (and money) every month. If you want a topic covered, grab a keyboard and jump right in. We’d love the help.

  5. Connie, there’s only one after-school program for a number of reasons, primarily the really piss-poor roll-out of JK a few years ago. I was at the meeting. The people in charge said, pretty much, “We need 20 people to pay $25 a day for after-school daycare, the same as you’d pay everywhere else, but without covering PD days, March break, Christmas holidays, etc. And we can’t guarantee this after-school program is going to run. We’ll tell you sometime in the future. If it doesn’t, you’ll be high and dry. Who’s in? All the downside, none of the up. Nobody? Really?”

  6. Adam – itis truly a shame…..no wonder our neighbourhood has gone downhill.
    Why would any young family in their right mind relocate to an area like ours?
    Four schools – one daycare – no afterschool programs!! Most moms work these days – you have to…As a community what can we do?

    Did you see the insert in the Star yesterday about the Y? The five areas for consideration did not include Weston, yet Weston met all the qualifications and more! Whats up? Where are we failing?

    1. Well, I think there are a lot of reasons a young family should move here! I have two young kids, and I, obviously, love the place.

      1) Though we don’t have before-and-after-care (from now one BAAC) provided by the school, we do have lots of really good home care providers.
      2) We also have BAAC provided by the LEF, though I have found it absolutely impossible to get it, and I’ve been on the waitlist for more than a year. My position on the waitlist is actually going down, not up–so that tells you something.
      3) We’re minutes from downtown on transit
      4) We have an awesome community of caring people!

  7. I am also looking for childcare, not having much luck yet. Is there a resident group or local association in Weston? Maybe they can help push for daycare services and before\after school programs etc….I also read about the YMCA and was wondering why Weston can’t get a YMCA? May Adam thats a news story….where is Weston’s YMCA?

  8. Uhh I think you might won’t to rethink the ‘minutes to downtown on transit’ suggestion..I don’t think so!

  9. well, i read with interest the most recent post on the blog..indicating that our
    councillor voted against more daycare spots…scary! very scary!

  10. Weston Village Childcare offers an excellent program. Years ago TDSB moved them out of Pelmo Park school for space reasons (years before that, during a period of low enrollment, it was the childcare being there that caused TDSB to reconsider closing that school permanently). The area now used for the childcare facility in the church is well suited for this purpose.
    It will be such a shame if all we’re left with is homecare options in Weston. While some might be OK, most are unlicensed, and some don’t do much other than park kids in front of a TV. Then we’ve got the recent tragedy where an overcrowded unlicensed homecare in Vaughan had a child die while in their care. It’s next to impossible to determine if a homecare operation has a past history of infractions, since they’re unlicensed and fly under the radar.
    We need to rally behind Weston Village Childcare and find them a new and appropriate home in Weston if the new owners of Westminster Church don’t want to carry on the existing relationship.

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