Westmount Army and Navy seeks help.

Westmount Army and Navy Club.

Westmount Army and Navy Club has been around since 1938. It’s at 41 Kingdom Street off Scarlett Road just across the river in Greater Weston™. The idea of the club is to support veterans, family and friends along with the local community. They were serving the community before and after World War II and the Korean War and in 1954 the club became a refuge and coordination centre in the aftermath of Hurricane Hazel.

Nowadays, the club acts as a meeting spot for many in the community and members can enjoy a quiet drink while playing darts, cards, shuffleboard and the like. The club is occasionally rented for special events but COVID-19 has put paid to all of that.

Since closing on March 18th, revenue has stopped, vital maintenance work is ongoing and the utility bills keep coming. The club is entirely self-supporting and relies on nothing else.

The club is asking for community support through a gofundme campaign that if successful, will see them through the lockdown and help them get ready for their eventual re-opening when they can once again serve the community.

Find the gofundme link here.

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  1. Hi, new reader to your Weston Web. Impressive. I also wanted to say thank-you for highlighting the Westmount Army & Navy Club and all the other businesses/clubs that need a shout out. Also great to get the local, local news from the perspective of a Westonian. Your site has now been listed to my favorites.
    Great Job!

    1. Oops – is that a British turn of phrase? I’m still trying not to pronounce all the letters in Wednesday.

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