Accused murderer convicted for robbery

A man accused of the murders of four Torontonians (including two Weston men) has been convicted of shooting a jeweller in a brutal robbery. Prosecutors have asked the judge to sentence Mark Garfield Moore to 15 years.

Moore is also accused of shooting Courthney Facey and Mike James in Weston in September of 2010. The two young men were, police say, murdered for no reason at all. Moore had allegedly been on a months-long rampage through Toronto.

The accused lived in Scarborough but has ties to Weston. He was himself shot here when he was 16. His face is still scarred from the incident.

One of Moore’s brothers, who was later murdered, was alleged to have shot a police officer. Moore’s girlfriend was accused of intimidating witnesses. His mother was charged with destroying evidence.

Moore will be sentenced for the robbery and aggravated assault on March 14.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. What a fine upstanding Canadian citizen! What a fine upstanding Canadian family! The prosecutor is asking for only 15 years? I say, bring back capital punishment!

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