Weston and Lawrence electrical work.

Weston and Lawrence electrical work.

Weston and Lawrence is being dug up again; this time it’s electrical work to upgrade power for the upcoming electrification of GO train service.

According to Toronto Hydro, “Please be advised that Toronto Hydro is planning to rebuild and relocate the overhead and underground electrical system in the community in preparation for the GO Expansion Electrification program.” The timeline is a vague June-July 2020.

Thanks to Covid-19, the restriction to one lane of traffic along both routes isn’t causing major upheavals.

I wonder if workers have discovered any artifacts at this (for Toronto) relatively ancient intersection.

2 thoughts on “Weston and Lawrence electrical work.”

  1. Can they at least bury all those ugly overhead electrical wires hanging along the road? I know the entire intersection is an absolute eye-sore and I cringe everytime I drive through it, but at least try and improve a piece of it. Burying the wires would at least keep a clean streetscape and allow for maybe, just MAYBE some decent street lights along Weston down the road some time. Tired of seeing old weathered wooden hydro poles with thousands of staples and taped paper advertisements about payday bank loans.

    1. I have to agree.
      No matter what they do, this stretch of Weston Rd will always look …..”gross”

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