Weston-area doctor gets 12 years for fentanyl fraud

A Weston-area doctor has received a 12-year sentence for writing fake fentanyl prescriptions.  Dr. George Otto worked with a Weston pharmacist, Dr Shereen El-Azrak, who filled the fraudulent prescriptions. The pain patches were sold on to middlemen, who peddled them around Ontario.

El-Azrak, who worked at PharmaChoice on Lawrence, received a 13-year sentence.

Dr Otto worked out of a walk-in clinic on Jane St, near Wilson. He and El-Azrak trafficked more than 6000 fentanyl patches, according to the sentencing documents. That many patches could be worth more than a million dollars.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. So, the “doctor” got one less year because.. ?

    (..because, he didn’t actually handle & distribute the narcotics, and she did??)

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